What is a 3-cage bet for a week? Learn how to play effectively

A set of 3 weekly claws is the newest and most effective way to play lottery and should be applied to Vietnamese lottery players. What is topic 3? Do you know about this way of playing? Join us to learn the most standard way to play the 3-claw set for 7 days, which is being applied by the experts.
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Explain the arrangement of 3 claws in 7 days

FightSet of 3 claws raised for a week Or playing the lottery in 7 days is a way to predict the number 3 with more potential and keep the frame within the week (7 days). A 3-digit lot is a lot that includes the last 3 consecutive numbers of all prizes in the lottery results. And the 3-digit number is also understood as the last 3 numbers of the special prize. When playing 3-digit lottery, you need to bet correctly on the last 3 numbers of the prize in the draw.

Playing 3-digit lottery in 7 days requires you to analyze and collect the numbers that have appeared in the last 1-2 weeks. Then you choose the potential number to raise the frame for 7 days. As you can see, this way of playing requires you to have experience, good skills and the ability to observe the lottery in depth.

How much should you eat per week if you play with 3 claws?

The northern 3-card lottery is a form of lottery that is quite difficult to win compared to other forms. Some are difficult to eat, 3 numbers will definitely not be easy for you. You should calculate the amount of money spent and earned to set the most appropriate investment level.

Depending on the house, the reward rate will change, but you can grasp the general winning rate which is usually 1 to 500. This means that if you win the 3-digit lottery, you will receive up to 500 times your initial capital. .

For example, when you bet on a 3-digit number 354, your capital is 500K. When you win, you will calculate the ratio of 1 lot of 3 to win 500, the winning amount is 500×5 = 25 million VND. Then, you subtract the capital of 100K, the profit will be 24 million,500.

Advantages of playing with 3-claws for weeks

Below are some advantages of playing with 3 claws – 3 claws for weekly farming. Compared to other methods, this way of playing is much more popular. Specifically:

  • You will maintain a 7-day frame and the winning rate within 7 days will be higher than other lottery playing methods.
  • You don’t need to constantly rotate the bridge because you only need to focus on the 3-claw fish and raise them for 7 days. After 1 week, you need to rotate the bridge to another fish.
  • The payout level of playing 3 is considered the largest among current playing methods. Therefore, you will have capital to continue raising other numbers.

The secret to looking at a 3-claw system to raise a week from a master

If you want to play the northern 3-card game for 7 days, bringing the best winning rate, then learn some ways to check the 3-card game for the week as follows:

Check out the 3-claw farming system every week according to the octopus lotteries

This method is the first way to lock in 3 numbers within 7 days, with a high probability of winning and trusted by many players. You can use the gameplay as follows:

  • First, in this week’s 3-claw screening method, you need to pair the octopus with the items of the week. For example, the result is 703 (number 7 is the first number, the third result is 03).
  • Predict 3 white cards with dates (Example: 111, 128, 228 and 211).

Look at the 3 claws according to the yin and yang shadow

You can predict the 3-digit numbers to raise the week effectively according to the yin and yang numbers. This is the most used secret for predicting 3-digit, 7-day lottery numbers. To increase accuracy, consider how to catch the ball as follows:

  • Play positive ball: Number 1 ball is 6, number 3 ball is 8, number 2 ball is 7 and number 4 ball is 9, number 5 ball is 0.
  • Playing negative balls: Number 1 is 4, number 3 is 6, number 4 is 7, number 2 is 9, number 5 is 8.

Then, you add the 5 numbers in the special prize to get the negative and positive balls. After getting the results, you must combine them together to get the luckiest 3.

Predict the 3-card numbers according to your dream

You can play the 3-digit number to raise the week according to the meaning of the dream. Every dream is an omen about a number. You can choose the 3-digit number based on the number you see in your dream. Many people participate in this prediction because it is very interesting, but you should remember your dream to predict the odds more accurately.

Play 3 claws for 7th prize & special prize

In the opinion of many people, you should take advantage of the 7th prize result + the special prize result as the final result to bet on 3 weekly bets. For example, the 7th prize is 95, the special prize is 14503. Accordingly, you will get a few 3-digit numbers 195, 095, 495, 595 and 395.


The 3-claw set is a modern way to play the lottery, with a high payout rate and very easy for you to participate in. Hopefully this article has helped you gain more knowledge about playing lottery and choose a new way to play lottery this year. Be bold to learn to increase your future experience.

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