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10 Facebook Tutorials and Tips for WordPress Users

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Access to your Facebook page can be done from both your mobile or PC. It currently has 1.908 million active users per day. However, the number of users growing each month is impressive.

This blog contains awesome Facebook tips and tutorials to help you improve your WordPress website.

Top 10 Facebook Tutorials and Tips for WordPress Users

Create a custom Facebook feed in WordPress

Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Records To WordPress

Add Facebook social sharing buttons for WordPress

Facebook Add Your WooCommerce Store

Automated Facebook posts from WordPress

Install Facebook conversion tracking in WordPress

Embed Facebook Status Posts in WordPress

Display your Facebook Timeline in WordPress

In WordPress, you can host a giveaway on Facebook

Integrate a Facebook video into WordPress

1. Create a custom Facebook feed in WordPress

To increase your covenant, you can create a Facebook feed that displays posts from your Facebook pages and groups. It also provides updates from your Facebook pages to your customers and attracts many followers. This is the best way to show your visitors that you care. The Smash Balloon plugin allows you to create a Facebook page on your WP site.

2. Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Records To WordPress

Open Graph metadata allows you to share your site metadata on Facebook, and other social media platforms. FB will automatically display your post title, description and feature image when you share your content. The AISEO plugin is a great way to add open graph metadata to your site.

3. Upload Facebook Social Sharing Buttons for WordPress

This marketing strategy can be used if you plan to reach many online customers. To reach more people, sharing your posts on social media is the best way. You can also use the shared Counts plugin to add social sharing buttons.

4. Facebook: Add your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce stores can increase traffic and sales by increasing your site’s visibility. You can now easily view your product and gain new ideas for your company. You can manage your orders easily if anyone can purchase your product through your online store.

5. Automated Facebook posts from WordPress

The Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin allows you to create automated workflows without any programming code. Facebook is a great resource for increasing site traffic. It will automatically share posts and increase your followers.

6. Install Facebook conversion tracking in WordPress

Your business can track how many people interact with your WordPress site using Facebook conversion tracking. It can manage your contact form, subscriber newsletter, and other information. You can also set up conversion tracking and measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

7. Embed Facebook Status Posts in WordPress

Your Facebook status and posts are not visible to website visitors until they leave your site. You can embed your Facebook status to your WordPress website. This will fill the gap between your visitors and your social media followers. You can only engage your website visitors by embedding Facebook status.

8. WordPress allows you to display your Facebook Timeline

Your website visitors can follow you social media by adding a Facebook timeline to WordPress. You can show your entire Facebook page and any other social media optimizations if you have a Facebook community. The Smash Balloon Custom Facebook feed Pro plugin is the best choice for showing your Facebook timeline in WordPress.

9. Create a Facebook giveaway in WordPress

One of the fastest ways to increase your social followers and subscribers is to host a giveaway on Facebook. Because it helps your audience in real time and encourages them.

You can create giveaways for your WordPress Facebook page with the raffle Press plugin. It is a WordPress Add-on that ranks among the top giveaway plugins.

10. WordPress allows you to embed a Facebook video.

You can embed Facebook video content on your WordPress website using a variety of free plugins from the WordPress plugin store. You can add videos related to your product or business easily.


We hope you found this blog helpful in learning some Facebook tips and WordPress plugins to improve your website.

Disclaimer: The screenshots used in this blog are taken from other websites. These images are not the property of I Do Business. We have attached the source URL, and copyrights are reserved for the respective website owners.

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