Odds 1 – 1.5  New88 And Big Winning Experiences You Need To Know

Odds 1 – 1.5 are an odds that appear in most football matches. It’s popular, but if you don’t have experience or learn from experts, it’s still very difficult to win. The following article byBookmaker  New88today will bring useful knowledge to help players maximize their ability to win money.

Basic types of 1 – 1.5 odds

In the world of soccer betting, odds 1 – 1.5 appear extremely frequently. Here are ways to play where you can easily come across this number.

Asian Handicap 1 – 1.5

Usually, in the above ratio according to Handicap odds, the level 1 – 1.5 represents a relatively large difference between the two teams. To understand it more simply, when a club in the top group encounters teams in the second half of the rankings, the house will list this number.

However, with the tournament possessing dominant teams such as Premier League with Man City, Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, Ligue 1 PSG, etc., this handicap will be for the following top clubs.

To win this handicap, the favorite team needs to create a gap of 2 goals or more with the opponent when 90 minutes of play ends. If the difference is only 1 goal, the underdog will win the bet.

Over/Under Odds 1 – 1.5

In Over/Under play, most of the 1-1.5 or 1 1/4 levels will be listed in the first half. According to experts, if you see this ratio in the first half of the match, it is certain that the attackers of the two teams will The ball being played is not bad at all. Of course, for the result to be Over, the minimum number of goals must reach 2, below that is Under. In addition, we can mention a number of other types that also have odds of 1 – 1.5 listed below.

Other types of odds are listed at 1 – 1.5

The following are the types of soccer betting with the above rates:

  • Penalty card handicap bet: For teams with aggressive playing style against more gentle teams.
  • Corner Handicap: A match between one side pressing the opponent and the other side having to endure.
  • Offside handicap bet: level 1-1.5 will appear when a team with overwhelming attack is always in a pressing position.

In addition, there are still many other types of odds listed at 1-1.5 waiting for you to learn about at  New88.

Tips for playing bets 1 – 1.5 to win big

To play well at all odds levels, you will need more advice and experience from experts. The following will be the information players should “pocket” before fighting, fully summarized by  New88.

Master information about football teams

Not only the 1 – 1.5 bet, but any ratio requires the player to know the information. Understanding the players on the field for each team will help increase the win rate very high.

To take a simple example, Man City or Bayern Munich are teams that often open fire in the first half and 2 goals is simple for them. Meanwhile, Real Madrid, despite being a very strong team with the title “boss” of C1, often “fails” in the first 45 minutes. Only in the second half did the White Vultures play to their full potential and score many goals in a row.

So, whether you play Over/Under, corner, card, Asian, etc., at odds 1 – 1.5 you have to collect as much information as possible.
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Evaluate rate fluctuations

According to veteran bettors, matches with higher volatility rates are riskier. Specifically, in a confrontation between A vs B, before it takes place, the handicap is 1 – 1.5, but as the match time approaches, this number will change to 1.5 or down to 1. Even during Comparing talent, this level goes up and down even more.

At this time, players should keep their original choice or if they feel uncomfortable, withdraw capital immediately if possible. Because the above mentioned ups and downs are a sign that a match has been interfered with, you are unlikely to win.

Follow the odds and comments before the match

In addition to learning betting knowledge directly from the players, you should also read more betting news, reviews, statistics, etc. Because in case you don’t have time to learn about the teams, the This information is your lifesaver.

At  New88, our team of experts always releases quality articles, comprehensive information, etc. The more highly accurate data you add, the easier it will be for players to win big.

So these are the tipsodds 1 – 1.5 has been fully summarized by  New88 in the article. It is possible that the player’s win rate will not reach the maximum after reading. However, with the above foundation plus experience in the next few matches, the future of “winning every fight” is waiting for you.

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