4+ Mistakes to avoid immediately when betting on European odds at New88

European odds are certainly no stranger to Neu88 bettors. This is an easy bet to play and the possibility of winning gifts is extremely high. However, not everyone can be lucky enough to win, especially for new players. To become an expert, you need to master the rules of this bet. Below are the mistakes that you may encounter, okay New88 bookmaker sum up.

Overview of European odds in soccer betting

European odds, also known as 1 by 2 odds, are known as the most popular form of betting associated with the king sport since the 2000s. Compared to Asian betting odds, this type of bet has single-player rules. much simpler. If you are a beginner, this type of betting is suitable for you as it does not require too much time to invest.

The biggest advantage ofEuropean odds is its simplicity and ease of understanding, they only ask them to predict the outcome of a match: win, draw or lose. While many other types of bets can cause confusion for new players. Thanks to that, this is considered a type of bet that new players try first before starting on the floor.

Symbols you will probably encounter in European betting

If you are a bettor who loves betting and start playing European odds, you will definitely come across these symbols and wonder what they are? Let New88 answer right below:

  • Symbol “1” for winning team: This symbol indicates the home team wins (Home win)
  • “X” symbol: This is the symbol assigned if both teams end in a draw
  • “2” symbol in the match: This symbol is for the away team when they win (Away Win).
  • “Handicap (+/-)” symbol: These are the symbols that add or subtract points for the two teams. If +0.5, +1, +1.5, … then the home team will be awarded before the start of the match. If -0.5, -1, -1.5, … then the away team gets points.
  • “Over” symbol: This is the symbol for over or under bets, this sign will indicate that you predict the total number of goals will be greater than a certain level.
  • Symbol “Under” In contrast to “Over”, this symbol will indicate that you predict the total number of goals will be less than a certain level.

4+ Mistakes cause bettors to go home empty-handed

Even though it is a simple and easy bet, New88 players should still be careful and not be subjective. Here are 4 mistakes that bettors often encounter when playing European odds:

Not thoroughly researching the competing team

A common mistake is being unprepared and not researching the teams carefully before placing a bet. To increase the odds of winning, bettors need to clearly understand the team, players, playing conditions, etc. A clear synthesis of these things can help you make accurate predictions.
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Greedily placing too large a bet on a match

Among the reasons why bettors fail, the biggest mistake is greedily placing too large a bet on one match. When you are overly confident in a specific result or feel “sure” about a match, you tend to bet all at once. This is extremely dangerous, if you’re unlucky you will lose everything.

Believing too much in one team

Being too confident in your favorite team is one of the most common mistakes that bettors can make when playing European handicap betting. Many brothers tend to choose their favorite team to support. However, to be able to win, New88 recommends that you carefully consider and research information about the two teams before placing a bet.sport.

Budget is not enough but still trying to play

The last mistake, this is also the mistake that new players are most likely to make. That is, the psychology of overcoming defeat, or putting money to win. By trying to play when your budget is not enough, this greatly affects your wallet, psychology and betting experience, causing you to fail miserably.

Shares of professional bettors

If you are a new player and are interested in European odds in soccer at New88, but don’t know how to increase your experience. Read what New88 professional bettors have to say below:

  • Don’t trust too much in the crowd: We often think that the crowd’s decisions will be correct. However, it is not always right, you need an overall assessment to make an informed decision
  • Choose the appropriate betting opportunity: For European handicaps, you can bet on the 2nd match, after observing the entire 1st match to better understand the team you are about to bet on.
  • Listen to the experiences of experienced bettors: Don’t forget to accumulate experience from the veterans, this will be an opportunity for you to quickly upgrade your level.


To play European handicap well, remember that understanding the rules of the game and accumulating playing tips is very important. If you have any questions, please contact New88 immediately, we will answer all your difficulties

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