Southern Bao Lo – Bet easily to win big, don’t worry about losing

Southern backpacks is the most popular form of lottery play in our country, attracting a large number of participants. All thanks to the high level of entertainment and the opportunity to receive attractive rewards. However, to play bingo effectively and limit risks, you need to clearly understand the rules of the game and how to bet Lottery New888 and useful tips.

How is the southern backpack different from the northern one?

With the Northern lottery, results will be drawn for each province and city during the day and there is only 1 result. However, in the South, players can bet on many stations and provinces at the same time, not fixed. Another name for this way of playing is called Southern backpack. For example, if you choose the number 17 and bet on 3 provincial lottery numbers. If Ho Chi Minh City station does not have it but Ba Ria Vung Tau station does, you will still win.

Southern lottery also has a different way of playing from Northern lottery. Here, people do not use familiar terms such as lottery or lottery, 3-card or 4-card. In the South, people often choose to play over and under. Numbers above 50 are called over, numbers below 50 are called under. In addition to playing over/under, men also like to play lotto with options such as 2 numbers, 3 numbers and 4 numbers depending on the payout rate.

The most popular ways to play Southern backpackers

Southern lottery numbers are still not really popular outside the North. However, with easy-to-understand gameplay, bettors can completely learn and experience this newly introduced type.

Play lots of dice

Currently, there are many ways to play lottery numbers, such as playing over/under (guessing the result of the 7th prize), playing under/under (guessing the result of the special prize). The payout ratio is 8,000 VND and 1 number wins 650,000 VND. In addition, people in the South often bet on lots of 2 stations. This means, the number you choose that day must appear in 2/3 of the results. The amount of 1 point is 15,000 and when you win, you will get 80,000.

Fight Southern backpack also allows players to bet on more stations, from 3 to 4 stations. The winning rate is of course lower, but the value in return is extremely valuable. If you win all 4 stations during the day, you only need to bet 8,000 VND but win up to 5 million VND. For example, if you only win 3 stations, the prize amount will be reduced to 1 million VND.

Play Southern lottery according to the special jackpot

Doing Southern backpack This is also very simple. Accordingly, you will take the sum of all the digits in the special prize to create a single number. For example, the special prize is 010328, total is 14. Next, combine the number just obtained with two good numbers 0 or 8 to create two pairs of numbers, 140 and 148.

Please believe and play these two pairs of numbers continuously for 3 days until you win the prize. It’s important that you don’t get discouraged. At the same time, use it in combination with reputable prediction methods such as memory cards, live lottery statistics, falling lottery numbers, etc. to increase accuracy.
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Strategy for conquering lots in the shape of a diamond

The diamond-shaped lotto ball is the playing method Southern backpack famous for its high accuracy and impressive winning rate. Although it does not appear often, when it appears, it gives a chance of winning up to 90%. Specifically, with only an 8% chance of flipping and a 2% chance of slipping.

With this way of playing lotteries, players need to choose one of the 3rd, 4th or 5th prizes to predict. The possibility of a ball appearing in prize 3 is the highest. As for prize 5, the accuracy of the ball is only average.

Play the Southern lottery in a skewed form

Just like the 3-way, 4-card or 3-card, 4-card lottery in the North, Southern lottery numbers are also very popular in this type of combined betting. This means you have to choose from 2 numbers or more, maybe more.

For example, only you choose 3 numbers during the day but only 2 numbers give results and 1 number does not, you will not receive a reward. However, in Southern backpack, you can easily play lots from 3 to 4 stations so the winning rate is also quite high.

For example, play 2-way lottery with 2 numbers. If those 2 numbers appear on any station, you will still receive a reward. The amount spent was 30,000 VND and earned 650,000. The more complicated the parlay, the bigger the prize, but this means the winning rate is also significantly reduced.

Here it can be affirmed, Southern backpack is an exciting entertainment with the potential to bring big prizes. However, don’t forget to come along New88 to hone the above knowledge to increase your chances of winning and minimize risks.

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