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Website Design – Above and Below the Fold

In the digital age, web development is an interesting thing. Web designing has several design factors. Are you familiar with the concept of Above and Below the Fold? Do not be alarmed, most web developers follow the advice of business owners when creating their websites. Every website is unique. No matter how folded your website may be. The main thing is how to properly align your website content.

Above and Below the Fold – Definitions

What’s the “Fold?” on the Website?

Newspapers are the source of the phrases “Above and below the fold” as well as the phrase “Fold”. The separation of the top and bottom halves of newspapers is called “Fold”. The folded front page can be found in most local shops. It has eye-catching headlines, stories and images. It is one of the best business strategies to increase sales. You can use the same principle here if you visit the website. It’s all about “above the scroll”.

Above and Below the Scroll

Visitors can view your website content without scrolling by clicking the scroll include. The default resolution for your website content is 600 pixels. The big question now is whether the user needs to scroll down in order to view the rest of content.

Although website scrolling can be a good thing, it can sometimes cause boredom. It’s possible to retain visitors if you provide enough content above the scroll.

Locate your Fold (or scroll).

Responsive website design can be adapted to any screen size thanks to all the technology available. You can also design and place your fold contents on each page.

Heat Maps

Heat maps collect data from real-world users using multiple colors. The information is displayed in a color scheme of red, yellow, or green. Red is the top portion of the website. You can provide impressive content for this area. The bottom scrolling is represented by yellow. Heat maps are the best way to determine the fold of your content.

There are many heat maps available today. The heat map can be used to track clicks and trapping. You can also track how long your visitors spend on each page of your website.

Contents Included Above the Scroll

You will need to add the required contents at the top of your page above the scroll. This will increase your chances of getting more people to visit your site. It will also help you do business with your company.

Scroll Consider the Below Things in Your Website

1. Logo for a brand or business

A perfect logo is essential if you want people to remember your website. This allows people to see exactly what you do.

2. Unique Selling Offer (UPN)

Unique selling offer – Show your customers what benefits and services you offer to them.

3. Navigation Tool

A navigation tool allows you to navigate your site.

4. Contact Information

Most people want to know how to reach you. Your website should have your email address and telephone number. They will go to similar websites if you don’t give them that information.

5. Get involved

This feature is liked by some and not so much by others. You have complete control. A call to action can be placed above the scroll. This will give people a clear picture of your business.

Final Thoughts

Your business will suffer if you give too much information or provide irrelevant content to your website. These rules should be followed if you are going to create a new website.

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