Here are 10 Bizarre Food Ideas from A Bizarre 2022

2022 Food Trends

People around the world came out of quarantine with many odd combinations

People were cooking up a storm in the kitchens amid the unprecedented coronavirus epidemic. Social media has been fuelling some of the most unusual and bizarre food trends in 2020. People all over the world came out of quarantine with a variety of strange food combinations, including ‘ice cream samosas’ and ‘Chai latte.

The trend of “Fusion food”, which is also gaining momentum, has also been growing in popularity. Many people love the new trend of combining different cuisines and many restaurants have tried it out. There are many bizarre fusion recipes on the internet such as Ice-cream vada pav and Makki ki Roti with Maggi, Parathas with Ice-cream, Red Sauce Pasta Dosa, and Parathas with Ice-cream. This has caused a lot of confusion among netizens. Here are some of the strangest recipes for 2020.

1. Red Sauce Pasta Dosa

Twitter uploaded a video that shows how to make a Red Sauce Pasta Dosa. The video starts with the person spreading dosa batter onto the pan. He then adds vegetables such as onion and capsicum to the pan. The individual is seen adding sauces to his liking and spreading them on the batter. The dosa is usually made by adding the regular vegetables and potatoes, but the person can add boiled pasta with lots more cheese. You can serve the prepared dosa by cutting it into small pieces and adding lots of cheese to the top.

2. Paratha served with ice-cream

A bizarre food combination was viralized recently and received mixed reactions from netizens. Owais Siddiqui, a Twitter user, shared two photos that showed a parantha being rolled into an ice cream cone. It contained a few scoops ice cream. This was the most bizarre part. Owais added a caption to his post that read “Chai Paratha reimagined. Spiced doodh patta ice cream with sugar laced Parhatta.”

3. Chocolate samosa pav

Ashish Shrivastav, a food blogger, urged a section to join the social media platform by offering them chocolate samosa pav. The video shows the chocolate sauce being spread on a loaf of bread. The person spread the sauce and then adds more chocolate sauce.

 4. Ice-cream vada pav

Another bizarre recipe is ice cream vada pap, which follows chocolate vada. This fusion dessert consists of maida pav and vanilla ice-cream. It has received mixed reactions from people. Sahil Adhikari, a Gujarati man posted the video.

The video shows a man operating an ice-cream truck taking a maida pan and coating it with sweet syrups. These syrups are used by ice-gola producers to give gola a strong flavour and brighten it. The man in the cart then adds a large scoop of ice cream to the prepared pav, pressing it together and aligning it properly. To give the ice-cream a special look, the man in the cart pours another layer of pink syrup. Before serving the ice cream to his customer, he also puts a layer of nuts on top.

5. Oreo ice cream samosa

Oreo icecream has a large fan base among foodies, while samosa street food is also very popular in India. Hamza, a Twitter user, shared an image of an unusual ‘oreo-samosa’. Images show a maida layer containing oreo icecream. This new dish was discovered by social media users who were puzzled.

6. Chai latte, or ‘Dirty chai’

Chai lovers all over the world came together to protest the ‘Chai Latte’. After Dalgona Coffee, the drink was a viral hit. It’s smooth and milky, with mild coffee and tea flavours. You can make the beverage stronger by adding espresso.

You can get it in hot or cold form. It has many health benefits, including boosting the immune system to fight diseases. It is also good for people who have Diabetes Type II. Additionally, it improves gut health by increasing good bacteria. According to various journals, dirty Chai can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Here are some tips on how to make Dirty Chai.

7. Maggi with curd

Maggi noodles with a mixture of thick curd: A brave user named Felon mask suggested that people “try” the dish. She argued that “how else can plain Maggi look”. Users criticized her for posting what they called her “gross looking recipe” on Twitter with a “red heart”, while others condemned her for doing such a “blasphemy”. Felon did find a friend in another user who shared his food photo, saying “Can’t beat that though.” It showed a plate of cashew treats that Felon was enjoying with tomato ketchup.

8. Dalgona coffee

The world was forced to self-quarantine to avoid a full-blown coronavirus pandemic. Dalgona Coffee, however, became one of the most tangible trends and easily consumed. It was almost as if foamy coffee took over social media overnight. While netizens all over the world were quick to embrace this trend, they soon discovered that making coffee without an electric whisk was quite difficult.

 9. Maggi Pani puri

After users called it “hate crime” towards food, a video tutorial on Maggi Pani puri recipe has caused aggravation online. Bunny, a Twitter user, shared the video. It featured a Pani Puri with overcooked Masala Maggi noodles. It was so disappointing that the internet responded with memes, jokes and threats.

10. Nutella Biryani

Nutella biryani-a disgusting dish. Nutella is the most popular hazelnut cocoa in the world. But Biryani is an Indian sacred word. Someone actually made a combination of Nutella, Biryani.

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