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 Forest City’s Green and Intelligent Construction Plan: A Model for Sustainable Growth

Forest City Malaysia has been named one of the most environmentally friendly towns in the world for the seventh consecutive year. The Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards 2022 Global Model of Green and Intelligent Construction was awarded to Forest City at the 17th Annual Session of the Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS 2022). This award recognizes Forest City’s commitment to sustainable development practices and ideas.

Forest City’s Journey to Sustainable Development: A History of Awards and Recognition

The journey towards sustainable development in Forest City started with its first award in 2016 for the Global Human Settlements Award on Planning and Design. Since then, it has won six more awards, including the Global Model of Green Building Industrial Park Award, the Global Model of City-Industry Integration Award, and the Global Green Smart City Award.

Recognizing Best Practices in Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA) were established in 2014 to celebrate and support best practices in sustainable development. The award recognizes towns and groups that have used new ideas and tools to help support sustainable growth. Its goal is to promote more towns, businesses, groups, and people to adopt sustainable growth practices. The Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS 2022) was co-organized and collaborated on by 25 top organizations, including 10 major UN agencies and other important partners and contributors. The forum’s acceptance of Forest City’s Green and Intelligent Construction plan emphasizes the importance of sustainable development in modern towns.

Building Healthy Towns that are Good for the Environment and Residents

Towns need nature to grow, and the future of towns needs to be good for nature. Bringing nature into cities and living in balance with it not only improves people’s health and happiness, but it also helps stop species loss and makes cities more resistant to climate change. The Green and Intelligent Construction plan used in Forest City can serve as a guide for how towns around the world can build in a healthy way in the future. The success of Forest City demonstrates that it is possible to build healthy towns that are good for the environment and also help the economy and social life of their residents.

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