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Ensuring Maximum Security and Convenience:Hik-Connect App

Hikvision‘s Hik Connect app offers top-level security features to keep your information safe and secure while providing a user-friendly and intuitive experience. With industry-leading standards and protocols, rest assured that your data is protected with robust encryption and reliable access controls.

The Implementation of P2P Technology

One of the key security features of Hik-Connect is the implementation of P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology. This technology enables secure communication between devices without the need to map LAN ports for internet access. By leveraging P2P technology, Hik-Connect eliminates the complexities associated with port mapping, making it easier and more efficient to connect your security devices to the app.

Powerful Encryption Algorithm

To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data, Hik-Connect employs TLS (Transport Layer Security) full-link encryption, HTTPS/SSL encryption, and advanced RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman), AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), and TSL (Transport Security Layer) encryptions. These robust encryption algorithms protect your information during transmission and storage while safeguarding it against unauthorized access.

Provides Cloud Storage Services

Hikvision also offers a comprehensive cloud storage solution that securely stores your data in remote locations. This cloud storage provides an added layer of protection for your critical video data, ensuring that it is safe from physical damage or loss. With Hik-Connect, you have the convenience of accessing your stored data from anywhere, allowing you to retrieve critical video information when needed.


In summary, Hikvision’s Hik-Connect app is a robust and secure solution that ensures the safety of your information while providing you with the convenience of remote access and management. Trust in Hik-Connect to deliver top-level security and convenience for all your security needs.

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