Deadliest Foods – Enemies at your Table


Four letters, and an entire world behind them. Our lives revolve around food. We choose what to eat and what to avoid. Food is a cultural glue that binds people together, creating moments of sharing and bringing out the best in each other. Food can also be our enemy. We’re not just talking about the extreme consequences of eating disorders but more about how we approach charcuterie.


Many of the foods we eat every day hide deadly elements that most people don’t notice.

Let’s take a look at the slow death that is being served to us!


Margarine was included in this list due to its high level of trans-fats, which can be linked to heart disease. Breastfeeding can have other harmful effects than heart attacks. In fact, the high levels of trans-fats in margarine can reduce the quality of the milk you give to your baby. It also increases your insulin levels, which will increase if you use even a small amount. Margarine can be used in delicious ways, but it is important to weigh the risks and benefits before you use too much of it.

2/15 – SODA

The top three ingredients in this popular beverage are carbonated water, sweeteners and flavoring. There are many other additives that make soda not only a healthy alternative to water, but also one of the most dangerous “foods” in our society. Why? It’s easy. It’s easy. Your brain can’t be satisfied with sugary soda drinks. You’ll continue adding empty calories to daily total without any benefit for your health. Your liver converts fructose, a high-level sugar, into glucose. Then your body stores it in fat. We know that you love soda drinks. The dopamin is a reason for your love of them.

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