Check out these Expensive Dishes, from Gold Biryani to Billion Dollar Popcorn.

Strange food items are getting a lot of attention, from gold paan on the streets of Delhi to the Royal Gold Biryani in Dubai with 23 karat edible Gold.

Strange food items are getting a lot of attention lately, from black diamond ice cream to Royal Gold Biryani in Dubai with 23 karat edible Gold. These delicious recipes will satisfy your tastebuds, but they may also cause a financial hole. The price ranges from Rs 2 Lakh to R 20K. India is seeing fusion food as a growing trend in gastronomy. Many people love this new trend of combining different cuisines and it is also being tried by many restaurants.

Many restaurants are able to create unique fusion dishes that appeal to the current market. These are the best fusion foods you can try. Let’s take a look.

Black diamond ice-cream

Scoopi Cafe in Dubai sells Black Diamond ice cream at USD 817 (roughly Rs 61,387). Black Diamond is made up of Madagascar Vanilla icecream, topped with Iranian saffron, edible 23-karat flakes, and Italian truffles. The Versace bowl is used to serve the ice cream, which can be kept by anyone.

The royal gold biryani

Bombay Borough, a Dubai restaurant, serves The Royal Gold Biryani. The biryani comes with garnishes of various types of grilled meats, raita, and other goodies. The biryani is available at AED 1,000 (roughly Rs 19,707. This dish is served on a gold plate. It uses three types of rice as well as a variety of grilled foods. Although the restaurant was celebrating its first year anniversary, it was the huge biryani that got everyone’s attention. The biryani with the most expensive garnish was garnished in edible 23-carat Gold.

Mughlai koftas, malai chicken roast and saffron-infused biryani were served on a bed. A wide variety of our delicious sauces, curries, and raitas complemented the dish. It is an exuberant way to experience Royalty. The restaurant wrote that the royal meal is served in Thaal and the Gold Biryani is garnished by edible Gold of 23 karat.

Billion dollar popcorn

Luxhabitat in Dubai claims that a 6.5-gallon container of Berco’s Popcorn can be purchased in Chicago for USD 2,500. This is approximately Rs 1,875,855. The popcorn has a caramel coating and 23-carat golden flakes. These popcorns also come with Laeso salt, which is difficult to find.

24K pizza

New York’s Restaurant Industry Kitchen sells pizza with actual gold. The price is USD 2,700. This is roughly Rs 2,02 9,928. It comes with edible gold leaf, foie gras and imported white stilton cheese. You must give them 48 hours notice. “But tbh, I think I’m fine with my regular dominos Takeouts at the least I get some wedges & bottle of coke,” wrote The Luxury Lifestyle on Instagram.

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